Looking For The Most Effective Skin Lightening Gel On The Market

Sep 04, 13 Looking For The Most Effective Skin Lightening Gel On The Market

I have a skin condition that has been bothering me for years. I have dark spots on my face. I noticed those starting to appear about three years ago. It seems as the years went by, my skin just developed more and more spots.

I have been doing a lot of reading about what can cause spot to appear on skin. The main cause seems to be over-exposure to the sun. Well, no wonder. When I was growing up, I would play hours in the sun.

Back then, no one warned people against staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen. My skin would turn so brown after a day in the sun. My skin would always heal after that, and over time, my skin color went back to normal. However, I never knew that the sun’s radiation would have cumulative effects.

Well, my face is paying for it now. I have brown spots on my forehead, on both sides of my face and on my chin. I try to cover it with make-up, but there are days when I just do not want to put on so much make-up.

So, I am on the search for a good skin lightening gel that is available on the market. I have seen all sorts of products on the cosmetic shelves and in the drugstores. I did some research on the ingredients that are effective in lightening skin.

The most popular ingredient in skin lightening products seems to be something called hydroquinone. According to the articles and the reviews that I have read, that seems to have the most consistent results. Some people reportedly have an allergy to this ingredient, so they have to use something else. However, for the most part, this ingredient is in a lot of products.

The percentage of hydroquinone seems to be two percent in most over-the-counter products. A lot of prescription skin lightening products have the concentration at four percent, but that is only available through a licensed dermatologist.

Some products combine hydroquinone with a skin exfoliator. A common skin exfoliator ingredient is alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA. Products can formulated with various concentrations of AHA.

The higher the concentration, the stronger the product on the skin. People have to be really careful when using something with AHA because the acid can prove to strong for the skin, causing redness and irritation.

The premise of using AHA is that a person’s skin accumulates dead skin and oils over time. That cause your face to have uneven color. By exfoliating the outer layers of dead skin, you give new cells beneath a better chance to emerge.

That should give you face a more radiant and fresh look. Again, AHA should be used with care because the acid content is powerful. Anything above 10 percent in concentration should only be used at the dermatologist’s office.

When a skin lightening gel combines AHA and hydroquinone together, you slough away the dead skin and give the active skin lightening ingredient a chance to absorb into your skin more efficiently. Supposedly, you will see better and faster results if you use products with this type of formulation.

There is another exfoliator that can be used with hydroquinone, and that is called beta hydroxy acid, or BHA. The main ingredient is salicylic acid, or what you can find in aspirin. This is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties on your skin and is supposed to be a more gentle exfoliator than AHA. BHA works beneath the surface of your skin to exfoliate, so it is effective in cleaning out your pores and prevent clogging.

For people who are sensitive or allergic to hydroquinone, there are other ingredients effective in skin lightening. There has been some good reports for products that contain ingredients called kojic acid and arbutin.

These are alternatives to hydroquinone in blocking the production of melanin in the cells. Melanin is what causes dark pigments to form on the skin. So, when that pigmentation is blocked from forming, your skin will become whiter.

There are many natural products that can also have good effects in lightening skin. Lemon juice has been used for decades as a way to bleach away freckles. Milk and yogurt also has lactic acide that has skin lightening properties.

Another ingredient is licorice. Some natural products contain a combination of these ingredients to come with an effective skin lightening gel. There are so many possibilities in formulation that it is mind boggling.

In doing all this research, I realize that no one product will be perfect for everyone. Everybody’s skin is different. You never know how your skin will react to the skin products until you try them. That is why it is advisable to go slowly when you try a new product and monitor the results carefully over time.

Some people think that the more product you use on your face, the better the results. On the contrary, if you overuse a product, your skin can react poorly and breakout, causing you even more problems.

So, I believe in taking things slowly. With so many products out there, I have to be selective in my choices. I try to get a free sample whenever I can just to test the product on my skin to make sure that there are no adverse reactions. Then, if my skin agrees with it, I buy the full product to try.

Skin lightening is not an overnight process. I know that results will come over time. It will take a while to undo all the damage that years of overexposure to the sun had created.

Finally, the most important thing is wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every time I go outside. Using skin lightening products will make my skin even more sensitive, so I need to be extra diligent in using a good sunscreen even on cloudy days. I have learned my lesson, so now I am extra careful with my skin.


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