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16 Most Effective Exfoliating Face Wash Cleansers Safe for Your Skin

Oct 09, 16 16 Most Effective Exfoliating Face Wash Cleansers Safe for Your Skin

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Do you want to have glowing and radiant skin? If your answer is yes, use a treatment with an exfoliating face wash to make your skin smooth and healthy. You probably mostly stick to three basics of skin care such as cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. A lot of women might be splurging on a facial or using a face mask; however, there is one major step that many tend to forget is exfoliation. Exfoliation is a crucial part of a skin care regime. The beauty industry offers chemical exfoliating face wash products, which you can obtain at various prices from the market. Even though they are effective, they can be harmful for sensitive skin. The good news is that you can prepare effective face scrubs at home. In this article, we are going to discuss the various natural homemade exfoliants that you can use to make your skin fresher and healthier. read...

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Boosting Your Confidence with Skin Lightening Surgery 101

Sep 11, 16 Boosting Your Confidence with Skin Lightening Surgery 101

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According to a study conducted by experts from University of Cape Town, one in every three women in South Africa bleaches her skin. In Nigeria, 77 percent of women, the highest number in the world, use skin lightening products on a regular basis. This only shows that skin whitening procedure is a serious business, especially for women of color. Aside from skin lightening pills, some women are willing to pay thousands of dollars for skin lightening surgery. The question now is what can skin whitening surgery do for your skin – and confidence? These 15 pointers will tell you much more about it. read...

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Beauty Effects of Using a Skin Bleaching Cream

Aug 07, 16 Beauty Effects of Using a Skin Bleaching Cream

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If you are suffering from skin problems like freckles, age spots, acne scars, discoloration and sun damage, then you may have tried various methods of skin lightening. You may also use skin lightening techniques if you are not happy with your naturally skin color. The market is flooded with fairness creams. In this scenario where every manufacturer claims that their product is the best, how do you know what kind of effects skin lightening products really have on your skin, and whether the skin bleaching cream you have chosen comes with certain health risks? read...

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Lighter, Brighter Skin: 5 Important Facts About Bleaching

Jul 09, 16 Lighter, Brighter Skin: 5 Important Facts About Bleaching

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Skin bleaching has been on the rise in popularity for the last one hundred years due to the social pressures put on people to fit in with the rest of their peers. Another reason is the growing problem of common skin diseases, but skin bleaching can be considered dangerous when used incorrectly. For this reason, skin bleaching is often a topic for heated discussion. In earlier times, people would use anything they could think of to lighten their skin. This included bleach, battery acid, toothpaste, and soaps, such as laundry detergent. Skin bleaching also comes up in the news now and then when a celebrity has been accused of misusing skin bleaching agents in an attempt to boost their careers. read...

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Smooth and Even Skin Tone: 6 Tips for Enhancing Your Entire Body

Emperors in ancient China built the Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, as a protective measure against invading tribes of the Steppes. Your body also has a similar fortification, but it’s even more elegant and elaborate than the Great Wall. Say hello to your personal world wonder – your skin. Your skin, the largest organ in your body, is your body’s first line of defense. The major functions your skin fulfils are as follows: Protects your body from pathogens. Facilitates sensation. Regulates the temperature of the body. Controls evaporation and prevents excessive water loss. Stores water and lipids. Synthesizes vitamin D. Excretes wastes through sweat. Keeps the body waterproof. Shields the body against harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. The last function, namely shielding your body from UV rays, is responsible for the variation in the color of human skin. In fact, no other single mammalian species shows as much variation in skin color as humans do. To understand why this is so, you need to understand the evolutionary mechanism that caused this variation. read...

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Too Much of a Good Thing: 16 Ways to Lighten Your Freckles

Twiggy, Julianne Moore, Emma Watson, Emma Stone – these are only some of the many freckled celebrities in Hollywood these days who are proud of their beautiful spots. By definition, freckles are flat, tanned or brown circular spots, which often appear on sun-exposed skin. Freckles are common in people with fair skin. They may appear on people who are as young as one years old. While some people are raving about their freckles, there are individuals who may have too many of these spots and want to get rid of them. Freckles make you unique, but if you want to reduce the numbers of them, or at least lighten them, then here are 16 tricks to do it: read...

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